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Harwood, Texas 78632
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Why Angus?

When we choose to raise cattle today, we have to raise a product that will meet the desires of the end user - the consumer. And we have to raise a product that will consistently provide us with the highest return on our time and investment. This is what Angus cattle can do. Whether you use Angus bulls to cross with other breeds, raise commercial Angus cows, Angus cross cows, or raise purebred Angus cattle, it is well documented that Angus or Angus influenced cattle can consistently provide income premiums for the producer, as well as a premium beef product for the consumer.

Think about how many restaurants across America post a Certified Angus Beef sign. The reason is simple - a CAB product consistently provides the consumer with an enjoyable beef experience. And when you combine this with the fact that Angus cattle are gentle to work with, they handle our south Texas heat well and they are efficient to raise from a cost standpoint, you have a win/win situation.

So if you are going to raise cattle today, why not raise and take advantage of a breed with a proven tract record of success.

Jim Benedict, DVM


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