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Embryos For Sale

SALES: The Legacy Ranch has assembled an outstanding Angus donor lineup. Our embryos and registered Angus cattle are available for sale private treaty. Otherwise, we will participate in Angus sales in cooperation with our partners in the Foundation Angus Alliance and other sales around the state of Texas.

The donor cows in any seedstock cattle operation are the heart of that program. We maintain an impressive lineup of Angus donor females. When we flush these females we put the embryos in our own herd of recipient cows. From time to time, we have an excess of embryos that we offer for sale. They are from matings that we are currently using, and matings that will enhance any Angus program, young or old. We spend a great deal of time analyzing the production history, the EPDs, the pedigree and the phenotype of our females. We then spend an equal amount of time analyzing the same criteria so we can choose the right bull for these females, that will produce an offspring that is better than his/her parents.

After reviewing our donor lineup on our donor page, please call or e-mail us concerning embryo availability and prices.

Herd Building Opportunity

LS Blackbird P234 x Basin Franchise P142 $300

EXAR Eriskay 5886 x Predestined $300

EXAR Rita 5414 x Predestined $400

GAR T510 Traveler 2122 x Predestined $500

Baldridge SCC Rita P803 x Predestined $400

Baldridge Royal Lass N290 x Predestined $450

Baldridge Rita S825 x Predestined $350

Riverbend Forever Lady 4064 x Predestined $350

Riverbend Forever Lady 4123 x TC Total 410 $350

GAR 1407 New Design 2232 x Predestined $400

EXAR Rita 5835 x Predestined $500

Baldridge Rita S825 x Predestined $300

ER Everelda Entense N519 x Predestined $500

LS Miss Ideal P278 X Predestined $500

All prices are per embryo. Embryos shipped at buyer's cost. 10% discount - 10 or more embryos.

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