Jim Benedict, DVM
10960 Hwy. 304
Harwood, Texas 78632
Ranch: 830-540-4700

Welcome to Legacy Ranch

Dr. Jim and Jenice Benedict
Dr. Jim and Jenice Benedict

Our goal is to produce
a "Legacy of Superior Angus Genetics".

The Legacy Ranch is owned and operated by Dr. Jim and Jenice Benedict, and is located near Harwood, Texas, in Gonzales County.

Jim grew up on a hill country cattle ranch, and graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 1974. He has owned 4 veterinary clinics in the San Antonio area, and has practiced veterinary medicine for 34 years. In addition to his veterinary practice, Jim and Jenice have been in the cattle business on their Legacy Ranch for many years.

The Benedicts started using registered black Angus bulls on their commercial females several years ago. After seeing the impressive results, the decision to start producing registered black Angus cattle was easy and they began to focus in the direction of producing registered black Angus seedstock cattle.

The Benedicts still maintain a commercial cow herd of about 75 head, primarily used as recipients for their registered black Angus donor cows. They have put together a stellar selection of breed improving donor cows from some of the leading Angus programs in the country, as well as from their own breeding program. Their donor cows offer some of the best black Angus genetics in the breed today for phenotype and genetic qualities, and are flushed to the leading and most proven bulls in the Angus breed. Most of the registered black Angus bulls and heifers that the Benedicts produce are from embryo transfer.

Production on the Legacy Ranch is centered around selecting and producing healthy, sound, fertile and functional cattle with balanced traits for growth and carcass - cattle that will meet the beef demands of the future.

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